The Board of County Commissioners provides our residents with crucial services that directly impact the trajectory of their lives. From school funding to public health, our commissioners are meant to be our residents' advocates when it comes to making sure our systems are working for us.

Jamie is running because our residents deserve an advocate who will work to protect what they've worked hard for and connect them to the resources and programs that will help them succeed.

As your next At-Large County Commissioner, Jamie is ready to be that advocate.

Photo via UNCC Urban Institute.

Economic Mobility

We need a more proactive county commission that will seek bold new policies to move Mecklenburg County forward on Economic Mobility by collaborating with our city and towns.

  • Funding of job help centers in Mecklenburg County Libraries, all over the county. These centers provide critical resources for job seekers like formatting resumes and searching for jobs, and unemployment help for those who are out of work. 
  • Providing high school and college students with more options for career and college readiness, and vocational training to better prepare them to join the workforce.

Mallard Creek Elementary (Photo via CMS).


We need to prepare all our students to compete in our global economy. That means:

  • Facilitating better school funding to support all our schools by rebuilding bonds and trust between CMS and the County Commission.
  • Fully funding Pre-Kindergarten for all 4-year-olds in the county. Early childhood education is one of the most significant indicators of future success and part of the process of addressing economic mobility.

Brookhill Village Apartments (Photo via Charlotte Observer).


The systems in our county designed to serve our residents should not be working against any of our communities. We need to build our residents up by:

  • Working with cities and towns to provide alternative solutions to our affordable housing crisis. We can utilize our county resources, both land, and funds to help accelerate the addition of new housing in needed areas.
  • Ending the 287g program, which has proven more harmful than helpful for our community. If the Sheriff's department doesn't end the program, the County Commission must use the budget process to defund it.
  • Halting the spread of HIV/AIDS and reducing the instances of new cases in Mecklenburg County. We can do this by fully supporting the PReP and PEP program.


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