Jamie, center, with his brother John and sister Melinda.

Quick Facts about Jamie

  • Grew up in rural Anson County, but spent a lot of his time on his Grandfather’s farm in Charlotte (yes, Charlotte!)
  • The product of public schools, Jamie was also the first member of his family to go to college.
  • Studied Political Science at UNC - Charlotte.
  • Small Business Advocate - Jamie protects small business owners and entrepreneurs from financial fraud at one of Charlotte’s major financial institutions.
  • Active Party Leader:
    • Former Secretary of the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party
    • Former precinct chair for the Democratic Party
    • Former Chair of MeckPAC
  • Engaged Community Volunteer:
    • Leader in his neighborhood association
    • Latin American Coalition
    • Save Eastland Suns Icon
    • Eastland Mall Preservation
    • Charlotte Pride

About Jamie

For Jamie Hildreth, advocating for people who cannot advocate for themselves is personal, and he has spent the last decade working to make sure our community has what it needs to thrive.

Growing up in rural Anson County, Jamie realized the difference that access to resources can make in someone's life. He watched his mom's constant struggle to get his disabled brother the essential tools he needed to live a regular life. Those resources, which should have been readily accessible, had to be fought for at every stage.

Jamie graduated from Anson High School with honors and was the first in his family to go to college, attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Growing up, he watched as his dad and uncles built their businesses from scratch. His family taught him the ins and outs of running a small business and why they are the lifeblood of our economy and the centers of our communities.

Jamie has been a tireless community advocate for over a decade, working to understand and bring attention to the issues that are most important. Whether it was volunteering with the Anson County Arts Council, being a mission worker in college, volunteering with local groups like the Latin American Coalition, or being a leader in our Democratic Party, Jamie has a record of getting things done and a proven ability to bring people together.

Now Jamie works as a small business advocate, protecting entrepreneurs and their hard-earned revenue and connecting them to the resources they need to grow and succeed.

The Board of County Commissioners provides our residents with crucial services that directly impact the trajectory of their lives. From school funding to public health, our commissioners are meant to be our residents' advocates when it comes to making sure our systems are working for us.

Jamie is running because our residents deserve an advocate who will work to protect what they've worked hard for and connect them to the resources and programs that will help them succeed.

As your next At-Large County Commissioner, he is ready to be that advocate.

Jamie with his mother at his February 22 campaign kickoff.


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